But as often happens with my projects when it’s time to finish them they often start gathering dust again, because of a lack of parts, time or even interest!

My mighty blocksetter looked good enough without motors, all the wiring and many other details. Making photo’s was the provisionally end of the project.

As you can see, the trolly is rather simple and runs on a rail that is mounted inside the boom, this is done to prevent an uneven running rail due to the latticework in the boom.

Notice the bundle of rope just waiting for the right connection!

As always it’s very difficult to have the cord in the hookblock run smoothly, without rotation of the block. To have it run smoothly I used a maximum of three sheaves, and a very heavy hook (no Fiddlers gear)

Close up of the hookblock, I used Meccano and Temsi parts, the hook is able to  rotate freely.

The engine room which never saw the engines coming, the roof was not yet fixed and could be lifted.

Photo’s below show the two models next to each other, both have been taken apart now. I sold the old silver stuff, and will only use Meccano and Temsi parts in the future, because my projects tend to grow bigger, and availability of material is crucial.

Frits, april 2016