Since: 2013


At last, my own Meccano domain, no more hinting and linking, just type the name and you’re there. But how about the promised content? Special blogs and all these fancy 3.0 facilities?

Well unfortunately my friends at Apple decided to close the unbelievable simple and efficient MobileMe service and guide us all in to the iCloud.

Which is indeed one step further, faster, safer and free!

But alas some things just disappeared or were no longer compatible with my iWeb program and therefore my new domain has a lot less facilities and I have to do a lot of rebuilding.

In the meantime there is still a lot to see, and even though our Meccano world is getting smaller, the material has so many possibillities that this might take more time than I have avalable for keeping mecaanofetish up to date!

Sincerely yours,  Frits van Heekesen


Welcome to my new site  & update                       june 2016

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